GEOGloWS Toolbox with Tethys

The GEOGloWS Toolbox is a collection of specific water resources Earth Observation decision support web app tools. It builds on what is being organized in GEOGloWS as an App Warehouse which you can think of as being similar to Apple or Android app stores. These foundational applications are drawn from the warehouse of apps that will grow over time and can be downloaded and combined on customized portals with customized apps to meet the specific needs of different stakeholders.


GEOGloWS Toolbox Presentation

You can navigate to the GEOGloWS Toolbox hosted by Aquaveo and explore any or all of the apps here: Note that the Tethys App Warehouse is only functional when logged in as an administrator and is used to add, update, and delete apps available in the Warehouse.

GEOGloWS HydroViewer

The GEOGloWS ECMWF Streamflow Services provides access to a 40-year simulation and daily 15-day ensemble forecast on nearly 1,000,000 river reaches globally.

Water Data Explorer

This web app is used by the WMO as a catalog, data access, and visualization for observational and other time series hydrological data stored at point locations.

Met Data Explorer

Similar to the Water Data Explorer, this app is used to process multi-dimensional gridded data typical of meteorological forecasting systems that produce output in a time series stack of rasters formatted in netCDF, Grib, and geoTIFF. This could be any type of data, but most often are used in GEOGloWS for precipitation.

GRACE Groundwater

The GRACE satellite data have become useful to understand groundwater anomalies. This application (still being updated) provides visualization and access to this information.


This application is used for validation of the GEOGloWS streamflow historical and forecasts as you will see in those sections, but it is a general purpose tool to perform a goodness of fit between observed and modeled (or any two) time series.